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Speak Life For podcasts, videos, articles, books .. and more 

Two Sisters & a Cup of Tea   Two sisters. In two countries. Chatting through the Bible & driving it into the heart. Over a cup of tea. And a biscuit. Cups of tea & bibles open, we want to encourage, equip & model what it can look like to open up the Bible in everyday life with friends, whatever stage of life you find yourself at.



There are books on every aspect of Christian life and faith.  

Staff in our local Christian Bookshop Choice Words will be very happy to offer suggestions.  As well as new books, they have a huge collection of second-hand titles.

As a parish, we have linked up with "10 of those" who offer a great selection of books and tracts at discounted prices!   Have a look here

The Christian Manifesto

This LENT all our home groups, and an extra day-time gathering on Wednesday mornings at 11am, will be working through Alistair Begg’s book on Jesus Sermon on the Plain entitled The Christian Manifesto. Books will be available to buy at £5 which will include a study guide. From Sunday, there will be sign-up sheets in church to order your copy- and we’ll ask for your money when the books arrive. Whether you read it on your own or join in a small group, I‘m sure you will be blessed and challenged as you read and consider Jesus’ call to live a kingdom-shaped life.









Science and Christianity - Friends or Enemies

Did you miss Prof John Bryant's talk "Science and Christianity - Friends or Enemies"? Watch it here:

His blog

And some books:

"Fifth Miracle" by Paul Davis

"The Goldilocks Enigma" by Paul Davis

"From the Big Bang to Biology - Where is God?" by Graham Swinard and John Bryant

Book Reviews

Read a good book lately?  Let us know!  Email your review to

“Gatecrashing” by Brian Heasley

A really interesting read, with a powerful message to challenge all Christians to pray more and the importance of praying out loud.  Brian and his team head out on to the streets, nightclubs, bars of Ibiza to offer prayer, practical help and kindness to mostly young people who are there to have the best holiday of their life, which generally meant getting a bit messed up.  There are some great stories and lots more about the 24/7 Prayer movement to be discovered on line if you feel you want to know more. It’s an inspiring book about prayer and mission in truly difficult circumstances.


"Is that really you God?" by Loren Cunningham, Janice Rogers

This book is the story of Loren Cunningham and his family and their calling to missionary work all over the world.  He had a vision which led him to start YWAM (Youth With A Mission), but not only that it’s about taking time to really listen to God.

‘We can hear His voice once but still miss His best if we don’t keep listening’

‘We can hear the Lord more clearly if we come to him with a clean heart’

I really enjoying this book, an amazing testimony of God’s faithfulness when we bow to Him.


Christianity Explored Courses

The Hope Explored and Christianity Explored courses look at the life, death and resurrection of Jesus in the Bible, showing that Christianity is about real hope: a joyful expectation for the future, based on true events in the past, which changes everything about the present. Find out more and make your relationship with Jesus a priority. 
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